Larry Gus - Silent Congas {Free}

Larry Gus - Silent Congas {Free}
DFA Records

Βέροια. Ημαθία. Larry Gus. τον αγαπάω. άνθρωπος που πατάει γερά στη γη. ένας απόλυτα ενδιαφέρων άνθρωπος. Βεροιωτάς. Με κάνει να νιώθω υπερήφανος και δε  χρειάζεται τίποτα άλλο.

Larry Gus Interview for 06.00am

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LARRY GUS (DFA) - Panagiotis Melidis (born and grew up in Veria, Imathia) started to write music as Larry Gus (larigas: greek for throat, larynx), inspired by the rural environment of his hometown. Initially, he spent some time composing music for TV commercials, and later on he got his name due to some chaotic live performances. His first album proper, "Stitches", was released on Greek hip-hop label Cast-A-Blast in late 2009. Soon after that, he resided to the Music Technology Group in Barcelona (Reactable, Freesound) as an intern and postgraduate student. On spring 2010, after contacting Eothen "Egon" Alappat (then GM of Stones Throw), he received a Now-Again/Stones Throw "samples" hard-disk. For his second proper album, "Years Not Living" (to be released early 2013), he relocated back to Veria and delved into those (and other) archives, his sound evolving into a densely layered combination of psych-pop, african chants, harsh brass freakouts and percussion-heavy drumbeats. The 10 songs in YNL were carefully selected from the 85 tracks that were the result of those sessions. The feature film "My Friend Larry Gus" (director: dipyadeep) which documents the procedure of creating "Years Not Living" back in Greece, will be released in 2013. Meanwhile, among remixes (YACHT, Dana Buoy, Way Yes) he also released the mini-album "24 Beats (July '11)" on the Lefse Records imprint, Waaga. So far, he has performed alongside such acts as Caribou, Ariel Pink, Edan, Hype Williams, !!!, Demdike Stare, Alex Smoke, Old Apparatus and John Maus at various venues around the world and has also participated at the 2nd Athens Biennial and 2nd Nuit Blanche à Metz. Panagiotis currently lives and works in Milano, Italy, still carrying certain obsessions with Lucio Battisti, Woody Allen, Georges Perec, and Otis Jackson Jr. His debut for DFA Records this year will be a free album entitled "Silent Congas", released imminently.

συγκινούμαι. τώρα  θυμήθηκα τον παππουδίσιο εκείνο πρωινό καφέ στην ελιά στη Βέροια και εκείνες τις συζητήσεις. μετά από 2κ χρόνια υλοποιήθηκε. σπουδαίο πράγμα. είναι σπουδαίος. μπράβο του.

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