17.128 [Plughead FtW]

UK Funky was certainly THE sound of 2010. A colorful amalgamation of House formats, Africa flavored percussion, soulful vocals, organic textures and dreadful bass-lines, has surely broadened the sound of the dancefloor. It was also the year when dubstep hit the commercial broadway ending up to be too - 140 bpm wobbly - formulaic but at the same time left space for some forward thinking producers to experiment with its sound qualities.
Living in a country which has yet to catch up with the cultural/artistic/musical contemporaneity and won't catch up until it has become cultural antiquity, gives me the position of a somewhat remote viewer and gives this music the status of the exotic and defines it as the route for the escape from the quotidian decadence of Greece
This entry for the Bleep mix competition is a one breath - mix them all thing, trying to fit as many productions as possible, representing this way my never ending ear thirst for the sonically new and groundbreaking

36 κομματια σε 59 λεπτα και 59 δευτερολεπτα. ο Plughead κανει ενα υπεργαμηστερο μιξ με υπεργαμηστερες επιλογες στα πλαισια του διαγωνισμου του Bleep.com. ο διαγωνισμος λαμβανει χωρα στο mixcloud και αφορα κυκλοφοριες του 2010. Plughead γαμησε και φερε τη νικη στον πυργο τον λευκο.

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